CAD Layout

We have many years experience in PCB CAD layout, our CAD engineers each having worked at least 20 years in this field. We can seamlessly integrate CAD layout with prototype PCB production, component procurement, assembly and volume production if you require. We undertake most CAD layout technology requirements, accepting most popular net-list formats and use market leading CAD layout software. Our delivery ranges from 24 hours upwards.

Technologies available:

  • Single & double sided.
  • Multi-layer.
  • Surface Mount Technology.
  • Mixed Technology.
  • Analogue/R.F. Designs.
  • Digital including high speed.
  • Matched Impedance.

Other Information:

  • Most net-lists can be directly captured.
  • Manual routing or auto-routing.
  • Design rule checking.
  • Gerber files, NC drill files, Paste mask, A4 drawings produced.

To enable us to quote E-mail us details of the following:

  • Schematic layout.
  • Bill of Materials.
  • Mechanical constraints.
  • Electronic constraints.
  • Electrical constraints.
  • Cross-talk considerations.

Based on this, we will quote a firm price for completing the PCB CAD layout to your requirements.